What is Transformational Technique?

It's a choice of methods for releasing blocks and enabling you to move forwards from "stuck" patterns in emotions, career and relationships and free you from areas of stress and struggle. It gives confidence, enabling you to move away from feelings of limitation. Life Coaching may also form one or several sessions.

What happens during a session?

Helen starts with guided imagery then works for about 65 minutes, using a gentle touch on specific points of your feet, hands and head. Different patterns of touch create room for transformation. As blocks are released Helen may yawn, hiccup or her eyes water and the client may be aware of a "shift".

Transformational Techniques are simple but profound approaches to growth, transformation and personal development. Relaxing where appropriate with enjoyable guided visualisations to release areas of stress in your life, together with gentle touch on specific areas of your feet, hands and head which have been found to reflect a pattern of time - the prenatal pattern - when all the characteristics that you live your life with today were first established.

Helen uses light, non-invasive touch while at the same time providing a space free from direction towards a particular outcome. You can talk, or keep quiet as you choose. Very often the energy releases come with laughter or sometimes tears. You can read some clients' comments below.

Life Coaching may also be used if appropriate, after discussion with the client; similarly Emotional Freedom Technique (the "Tapping Technique") with Matrix Reimprinting..

Transformational Technique will support people of all ages, from new born babies to people moving towards the end of life.

It is of particular benefit for individuals who are going through periods of change - bereavement, redundancy or retirement, new parents, house move, change of job, new relationship, on who feel "stuck" - in work, relationship, emotional states or who just feel "There must be something more to life," or who see the same patterns occurring in their life time after time. and who want to move on. For new babies who fret and don't sleep well, it can calm and help improve sleep patterns.

Clients' comments

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