Welcome to Helen's website.

Helen Jameson first became involved in healing when a complete stranger tapped her on the back and offered to help with her neck and shoulder pains.

After various adventures she followed the path towards healing for herself and her clients, adding the specific techniques she had personally found helpful. She now offers a range of therapies tailored to each individual on their path to health, joy and wholeness.

Helen has worked at Tetbury Hospital, also with Dr. Daya at the Wholistic Medical Centre, Harley Street in London;
Email:info@wholisticmedical.co.uk, website:www.wholisticmedical.co.uk

In 1993 Helen started her training. First with David Furlong, founding member of the College of Healing. She then trained with The Healing Trust, (www.thehealingtrust.org.uk), before further qualifying in Reconnection Healing and Close Attunement Healing. She is an active member of the Quaker Fellowship of Healing and the Doctor-Healer Network.

Helen represents "The Healing Trust" in national demonstrations and works internationally as a Healer. She is one of the four Healers chosen for a national project investigating the effectiveness of "energy healing" based at hospitals in the Heart of England NHS Trust with researchers from the University of Birmingham.

Helen lives in Cirencester, Gloucestershire in the South West of England.

After gaining real benefit from Metamorphic Technique in 2000, during a traumatic phase in her own life, Helen also became a Practitioner Member of the Metamorphic Association. (www.metamorphicassociation.org).
A few years later she found Emotional Freedom technique really helped her and did her Advanced Practitioner Training in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

To ensure that you can relax and achieve the maximum benefit from each session, Helen works on an informal basis.
She is passionate about her work and enjoys seeing the transformation each client can achieve.

The next few pages tell you more about her therapies. She chose these specifically so that she can help you deal quickly and effectively with all physical, mental or emotional problems.


While you were treating Clare for her painful shoulder at your demonstration of your healing on the 28 Jan my shoulder - also painful - started to feel warm. I closed my eyes while this was happening and 'saw' that Clare's shoulder was silver in colour, save for a wedge shaped area that was black. I watched as the black area vanished. My pain also went and has not returned. You had healing power to spare. Thank you Helen. BILL.

I met Ms. Jameson several years ago while on a trip to England to attend a class at Merton College, Oxford University. She became aware that I had a painful back condition, and offered to give some healing treatments. I did not have a chance to partake in the treatments at that time, however, some of us were on a trip to Japan a few years later, and she again offered, I immediately accepted. She performed three treatments on my back while in Japan, and I was taken aback as to the releif I gained at once. This was 3 1/2 years ago, and I have had no back problems since. I am so grateful to her for the relief I gained, as I had gone through painful injections several times before, but, not gained much help from them. I am a dietitian/nutritionist, and was in the hospital setting for many years. I am also married to a retired Thoracic Surgeon, who practiced medicine for 58 years. We are both astounded with my results from Ms. Jameson, and, both pleased and happy that I no longer have the back pain. I completely recommend Helen Jameson with the healing techniques she has. It is worth a try! I would do it again for another condition which I am dealing with at the present time, unrelated to the back. And hope to see her when I am next in England.

Thank you Bill and Sharon for your kind comments. I am really pleased that you have gained so much benefit from the healing. You've both experienced permanent effects immediately; sometimes clients experience effects that are temporary, they 'wear off' after a while. These, and partial effects can usually be improved on with further work.

I also note that Bill reports sensing the energy as colours. People often experience this, or report 'sounds' during their session. Nearly everyone feels very relaxed and it is quite common to sense warmth or tingling as the energy gets to work. It also shows just how powerful the effect can be. Two other people approached me after that demonstration telling me that they also felt benefits in terms of reduced pain and increased mobility. A third contacted me later by phone to tell me she had a similar experience. If you know other people who might benefit, don't hesitate to let them know!