According to her clients the healing has been successful with lupus, chronic asthma, cancer, anxiety and depression, musculo-skeletal disorders, IBS, polycystic ovaries, foot pain, backache, Raynauds Disease, allergies, eye conditions and a whole host of other conditions.

Any change of a partial or temporary nature can usually be improved on as the sessions progress.

Helen often sees exceptional results in a very short time.

What happens in the session?

Helen sits next to her client, tunes into the source of healing and, with her hand on their back or shoulder, they relax together in the energy, usually for 20-30 minutes, although the healing continues to work for many days after that session is complete.

The client often feels tingling, warmth, cold or other sensations while she works, however, if you don't feel anything it doesn't mean it isn't working!

View some of the testimonials here.

Helen also gives public healing demonstrations.

With an audience of about 40 people she gets immediate results. This was the feedback from a member of one audience. It is common for several people with similar conditions to benefit when one is being treated. People also experience healing the energy in different ways; as colours, bodily sensations - warmth, tingling, cold, sound etc.

"While you were treating Clare for her painful shoulder at your demonstration of your healing on the 28 Jan my shoulder - also painful - started to feel warm. I closed my eyes while this was happening and 'saw' that Clare's shoulder was silver in colour, save for a wedge shaped area that was black. I watched as the black area vanished. My pain also went and has not returned. You had healing power to spare. Thank you Helen."

Bill, Slimbridge.

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If you'd like to make a booking or discuss the best treatment for you, please get in touch.

Call Helen on 01242 621330 to speak to her or to leave a message.

Enquiries are answered as quickly as possible, usually within 48 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential.

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