Metamorphic Technique

What is the Metamorphic Technique?

It's a tool for transformation; a simple way of releasing blocks and enabling you to move forwards from "stuck" patterns in emotions, career and relationships. It gives confidence, enabling you to move away, with confidence, from feelings of limitation.

What happens during a session?

Helen works for about fifty minutes, using a gentle touch on specific points of your feet, hands and head. Different patterns of touch create room for transformation. As blocks are released Helen may yawn, hiccup or her eyes water and the client may be aware of a "shift".

How does it feel?

Relaxing and sometimes deeply moving. Occasionally people have amazing insights and may be invigorated by the end of the session.

Who has the Technique helped?

There have been positive results for addictions, stress, depression, eating disorders and emotional and behavioural problems as well as Downs Syndrome and autistic spectrum disorders.
The Technique can help and support in times of change and difficulty, such as redundancy or a new job, career change, house move, divorce, bereavement and illness.

How many sessions will I need?

Three or four can be most effective, but you receive sessions according to your own needs and desires.

Is it safe for everyone?

Yes. Children also love the touch and the attention and it can be used safely with all conventional and complementary treatments.

Clients' comments:-

"I have found the technique invaluable and very supportive" Susie B.

"After only a few sessions with Helen Jameson I noticed a change in my outlook. I became more positive and assertive." Caroline Y.

"Following her [Helen's] visit I soon noticed that Charlie [a rescue horse] had stopped weaving. [behaviour related to an aniety state in animals] he has since been a lot more confident and relaxed" Sarah M.