Advanced Psych-K

Psych-K works with your subconscious belief systems, the foundations of how you experience and live your life. Your beliefs have far-reaching effects on you, both positive and negative. They affect your moods and your outlook on life, your responses to people and situations, job performance, self-esteem, and even your physical health.

Studies in neuroscience indicate that 95% of each of us is governed by our subconscious – which stores these limiting beliefs, preventing us from being the happy, effective individuals we could be. We all grow up with some negative messages and unnecessary fears.

Psych-K is a quick and effective method for communicating directly with your subconscious mind and changing old, limiting beliefs into new, supportive ones in just minutes.

What results can I expect from Advanced Psych-K sessions?

Psych-K can be used for similar issues as EFT and MR, or can be used more as an 'energy' approach. Psych-K can overcome many fears and situations in life that you want to be free from. Sometimes results can be more far-reaching than we anticipate – Helen found that after her first day doing Psych-K work on self-esteem, at the very first training session she attended, her legs, which had been aching for several months, just stopped hurting.

Psych-K can be used to develop or improve your willpower, overcome fears and phobias, to respond in more positive ways to existing situations, to release the blocks associated with relationships and work, and to improve your outlook on almost anything.

What does it involve?

Helen will work with you to identify exactly what you want and need to change. You are then guided through some easy physical gestures that balance left and right hemispheres of your brain – the logical and emotional aspects. We check that this is the right time and approach, then use further simple movements..

How will I know if it’s working?

Most people have an immediate emotional or physical response to the Psych-K work they are doing.
Depending on the aspects of yourself you decide to work on, you will immediately start to feel more optimistic, less fearful, less worried; life will become less of a struggle and more fulfilling and fun.
You may overcome specific issues of low self-esteem, which affect how you relate to other people...the choice is yours.

How many sessions will I need?

If you have a really specific issue or issues, these can usually be addressed in just one session. Or you may feel that you want to continue to change your whole life and your attitudes, taking a few sessions.

Recent testimonials

"the difference is – I don’t worry about it now”

“The last balancing session was soon after my mother died. I definitely found peace, the despair is gone and I feel quite calm.”

“...the session about “loving myself”. I feel better about myself and don’t feel a failure and I don’t try to measure up to other peoples ‘perfections’.”