Close Attunement Healing

What is Close Attunement Healing?

Just like radio signals or microwaves, there are powerful, unseen energy waves that have a physical effect.
A Healer 'tunes into' these energies to transfer to the client what they need for improved health and wellbeing.

Close Attunement Healing uses a very specific skill in blending with those energies to ensure that they are exactly what is needed to correct the illness or injury.

Many people who've tried everything else often get the results they need from this healing.

If the condition is complex you may need several sessions.

What will I experience?

It varies from person to person - most people feel a "wave" of relaxation, some feel an area of warmth, cold or tingling, occasionally a feeling of pain surfacing and quickly dispersing; or you may feel nothing at all - this doesn't affect the results.

How long will it take?

Each session lasts for about 30 minutes but the healing energies will go on working for several days after the session is over.

What do I do?

Take off your coat and relax quietly and comfortably in a chair. You needn't give a case history.
You can talk afterwards if you want to.

Who is it suitable for?

Everyone! This Healing can benefit people of all ages and all conditions; chronic and acute, physical, mental and emotional.

Anything else I should know?

Helen asks her patients to book three sessions initially - although many clients will see an immediate improvement with only one session, some won't experience any obvious change until after their third session. Many will need no further treatments, some do.
As with scientific medicine there are no guarantees of a cure, but two thirds of people who have had Healing with Helen claim major improvements to their health - not always the ones they expected.

Animals can also benefit from Close Attunement Healing and Helen has worked successfully with cats, dogs and horses.

Please note that if you have any health concerns you should see your G.P. Healing cannot replace orthodox medicine any more than orthodox medicine can replace Healing.

The testimonials will give you a taste of what can be achieved with Close Attunement Healing.

"I was having knee and dizziness problems when I visited you. It is amazing because now my knee does not hurt or click, and it has been three months! It used to click all the time and lock up. Since your healing I have not had that problem. My head also feels better, and I do not get as dizzy. I am able to focus more." Katie K.

"I had constant pain in my left ..ankle. I had the pain for about 3 months....a consultant said I would need surgery! I went for healing not really thinking it would work but thought I had nothing to lose.....I left feeling no different .....It wasn't until someone asked me how my ankle was a few weeks later I realised I had no pain there any more. None from my wrist either (where I do get repeated strain from my job). It has been about 10 months now and I have not had any pain at all from my wrist or ankle." Sue M. (hairdresser)

"In March I burst a blood vessel in my eye which resulted in me losing the central vision in that eye. The consultant at Cheltenham General Hospital said the damage was permanent. Since having several consultations with helen Jameson my sight has improved to such a degree that I can see things much clearer now....Also a nasty varicose vein which I had had for years has now completely disappeared." Elizabeth D.

"...the healing treatments you administered to me. My back and my right hip are feeling super, and there has been no pain since the treatments. I have had, in the past, painful injections in the lower back, as well as in the hip.....I am able to go for long walks now without having pain in the hip, and am able to sleep through the night without getting up to pace the floor, which I have done for years....In addition I am not even taking my pain medications.
I am a retired 69 year old dietitian/nutritionist/educator and healthcare professional; and my husband is a retired thoracic surgeon. therefore we have both been right in the middle of the healthcare arena. ...I am convinced your healing treatments have "outdone" everything else I have been through so far. .....I thought it was my destiny to have the back and hip pain for life. I am convinced your treatments work and would recommend your sessions to anyone..." Sharon Nelson M. Ed., L.D. Tyler, Texas, USA.

"I have suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety for many years and did take anti-depressants some years ago...The session with helen was the first time I have tried 'healing' in this way. It was a very peaceful, calm time....I had no idea what to expect...However over the next few days, weeks and months I have found that my anxiety and depression have disappeared" Client who prefers to remain anonymous